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We deliver on the promise of future ready talent - training for transformation, recruiting for synergy - your partner for growth.

Making an impact through collaboration with our clients
What do we do

Making an impact through collaboration with our clients

We work with organisations on their transformative journeys of self growth to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities.

Across 17+ Industrial Sectors, we collaborate with our clients as one team with a shared ambition to redefine talent management, people development and performance management.

We complement our expertise in management consulting with an ecosystem of innovators to work on organization development to build a culture of productivity and inclusivity for our clients.

Purpose, Values and Mission

Catalyst in Building Organisation Capability

To help our clients build a positive and productive workplace that attracts, nurtures, develops and inspires talent to contribute meaningfully to organisation’s aspirations. 

Relationship First:

We believe we excel at what we do because of the deep, meaningful relationships we create with our clients, partners, teams and community. Our relationships motivate us to run the extra mile with and for our clients.

Judge Less Care More:

Compassion and empathy is built through practice. We are in a business of people where conversations can get tough, mistakes can seem unforgivable, relationships can get stressed. We practice to leave biases behind, and communicate with transparency and compassion.

Strive for Excellence:

There is always room for improvement, no matter where we stand. We strive for that excellence by listening to our clients’ challenges, being agile to the evolving needs of our clients, creating measurable impact on client growth and ensuring continuous learning to remain contextual and relevant.

We aspire to reach and connect with 01 million lives by 2025, becoming their partner of transformation and holistic development.


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Why are we called PeopleNorth?
About us

Why are we called PeopleNorth?

Attaining “Common North” with the People in Organizations is indeed a coveted yet distant NorthStar for everyone. We came up with the name PeopleNorth which perfectly resonates with our objective and purpose of existence.

PeopleNorth aims to elevate three crucial components of any organization: People by introducing the right fit through recruitment, Processes with strategic management, and Performance by building capabilities through corporate training programs.

What do we do?

What do we do?

Understanding the problem and delivering results in the right direction. Our goal is to go above and beyond strategy by creating a personal development plan.

To add value, we focus our expertise on the foundational level of people, process, and performance capability building.

Who we are

Our Team

Our Expertise

Harnessing our clients potential to help them flourish in all directions and generate more value stronger

Project Hiring

Hiring and RPO Solutions

Our Hiring and RPO solutions can be aligned according to your recruiting requirements. We handle the whole recruitment process, from forecasting to onboarding.

People Development

People Development

We help you transform talent potential into actual performance through engaging learning interventions and managing talent development.



A personalised learning application which is integrated into our learning interventions to help build communication skills by learning through conversations and practice.


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