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We help create a sustainable culture and people strategy for fast-paced organisations moving towards business success.

Why is Climate Survey necessary?
Why should you pick us?

Why is Climate Survey necessary?

Climate surveys help you understand the entire gamut of role clarity, and relationship management within teams’ overall morale of the team and helps you create necessary changes to keep your most important resource engaged. Climate surveys ensure that: 

How do we do it?

PeopleNorth’s climate survey Model

At PeopleNorth we work to create a workable design to fit the organisational vision. We co-create an effective framework that reflects the future of the organization.

Diagnosis and

Detailed diagnosis of the structure, processes, and capabilities to understand the gaps.


Comprehensive survey is conducted to understand the reactions and responses of the workforce.

Report and

Deliberation of extensive reports to create action items for unmatched employee experience. 


Coaching influencers to create desired change & develop required competencies across all levels. 

What change will it bring?

What change will it bring?

The Climate survey process helps organizations to understand the competencies and behaviours contributing to key success factors, and assess and build a better employee experience through the unbiased responses collected from the target population. It would enable,

How can we help you?

How can we help you?

We at PeopleNorth help organizations to assess their current climate and analyse the factors affecting their employee experience. We work keenly to build pragmatic and adaptable action plans to help create a conducive climate focused on a satisfied and motivated workforce. We help build:

Understand your people to build a better culture.

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