Elevate your leadership behavior and skills to the next level by an experiential process through multiple aspects of leadership.

Why is Organization Design Important for your Company?
Why is it necessary?

Workshop for Leaders and Managers

Leadup is a workshop offered by PeopleNorth that focuses on leaders, managers and other mid to senior-level executives. This intervention is an experiential program that engages the participants in various leadership concepts contextualized to the group’s situations. This focuses on multiple aspects of leadership such as conflict, ambiguity & growth.

How do we do it?

#LeadUp Workshop Model

Our #LeadUp workshop is divided into various segments wherein we train leaders and senior managers in a unique hybrid model. #LeadUp intervention entails the following:


This involves one-to-one interaction to design a contextual learning program aligned with the organization’s expectations.

Analysis &

A carefully crafted customized intervention design follows next after assessing the existing gaps and expectations. 


Group learning with focus on self-awareness, reflection along with context based concepts.

Evaluation &

The last phase involves feedback sessions, certification, and reports on the progress made and Way Forward.

What are the Benefits of #LeadUp Workshop?
How can you benefit from our expertise?

What are the Benefits of #LeadUp Workshop?

Our expertise can help your leaders amp up their leadership skills to boost productivity and to increase employee engagement. Our powerful workshop can help leaders ensure growth on a personal and professional level.

LeadUp has you covered.

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Why Choose PeopleNorth?

Why Choose PeopleNorth?

We assist organizations in conditioning and honing the leadership skills of their leaders and higher-level managers so that they can better lead teams and work unitedly towards a common company goal.

Let us refurbish your leaders’ leadership skills.

Let’s enhance your talent’s leadership acumen.