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At PeopleNorth, we assist you in building awareness in your organisation about the PoSH act and our nuanced, well-crafted PoSH Training workshops help foster a professional environment replete with equity, respect, trust.

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Why are PoSH training programs important?

The PoSH Act, deployed in 2013 by the govt of India requires organizations to become better equipped to prevent occurrences of sexual harassment and offer suitable redressal mechanisms too. It offers women employees the power to cope with such untoward incidents.

Without employees well sensitised about the Act and their legal rights pertaining to it, fostering inclusivity and a safe work culture in the organisation would be tedious. Regardless of the sector, entities with over 10 employees have the legal obligation to comply with the act. Developing and deploying a well-crafted PoSH policy not only enables your entity to fulfil the legal requirements but it also fetches the venture multiple long-term benefits.

PeopleNorth offers experiential PoSH Training workshops to equip clients with a well-sensitised workforce.

How we do it?

Inherent benefits of seeking PoSH training for organisations

Hire our well-crafted, highly effective PoSH service and experience the following benefits,


Well-crafted and executed training modules help augment employee safety level, across various hierarchies in the entity


Employees feel accepted and acknowledge different perspectives and people


With employees aware of their behavioural boundaries through PoSH training and sensitization, work ambiance gets a boost


Well-curated Training helps employees feel assured at the workplace, leading to better workflow and enhanced productivity

PeopleNorth’s PoSH Training workshop model

We offer customised, balanced PoSH Training services to ensure clients achieve better employee awareness on PoSH Act, along with augmented employee morale, and inclusive work culture.

Are you on the lookout for competent and reliable PoSH Trainers to sensitise your employees and foster an inclusive, positive work culture?

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