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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We assist you in all your part or permanent recruitment requirements.

Why is Recruitment Process Outsourcing Important?
Why should you collaborate with us?

Why is Recruitment Process Outsourcing Important?

Recruitment process outsourcing is when companies transfer all their recruitment requirements to an external provider so that they can get access to a better talent pool, save time and money on recruitment procedures and focus on the core areas of their business.

PeopleNorth can be your perfect recruitment process outsourcing partner because of our expertise in this field and access to a huge talent pool. Our’s is a recruitment outsourcing firm wherein we work as an extension of your HR department and help them acquire the right candidates for each job profile.

How do we do it?

PeopleNorth’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing

PeopleNorth has a detailed RPO structure wherein we follow certain steps to ensure a smooth recruitment process.

Creating a Recruitment Strategy

We discuss with your HR department to understand your recruitment needs and layout recruitment strategy based on your priorities and timeframe.

Screen and

We reach out to candidates using our data pool, network, job portals, etc., shortlist them based on skill-sets, and conduct screening procedures to build an efficient list.

Interviews, Assessments and Analysis

After the first screening round, we conduct interview rounds, technical and behavioral assessments (on client’s demand) to map the right talent.

Facilitating and Onboarding

In the final phase of hiring, we perform a thorough background check and complete all other necessary formalities to ensure a seamless and successful transition.  

How can we Help you?

How can we Help you?

We assist organizations in hiring the right candidates as per their needs.

Let us be your Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner.

Join hands with us to outsource your recruitment needs.