We assist you in going to the next level of training and facilitation with expert coaching tools and frameworks for impactful sessions.

Workshop for Trainers and Facilitators
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Workshop for Trainers and Facilitators

You will advance to the next level of training and facilitation through the thrilling LevelUp journey. The course will give you the tools and frameworks you need to have successful sessions, whether they are in person or online.

How do we do it?

#LevelUp Workshop Model

Our #LevelUp workshop is divided into various segments wherein we train the trainers and facilitators in a unique hybrid model. #LevelUp intervention entails the following:


This involves personalized one-to-one interaction with the participants to fully understand their unique needs.


Our imperson and virtual session are thoughtfully divided over 2 weeks. We train our participants to be efficient and effective trainers.  


Assignments and activities post each session are given to grasp the practical implementation of the training concepts. 

Assessment &

The last phase involves feedback sessions, certification, and reports on the progress made and Way Forward.

Understanding the organisations and adding value to them
How can you benefit from our expertise?

What are the Benefits of #LevelUp Workshop?

This certification program emphasizes profound self-reflection and personal development in addition to technical skill acquisition. LevelUp gives you the chance to broaden your horizons and equips you with the skills necessary to effortlessly lead learning interventions across levels.

LevelUp has you covered.

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Why Choose PeopleNorth?

Why Choose PeopleNorth?

We assist organizations in conditioning and honing the training skills of their trainers and facilitators so that they can produce better teams. Choose PeopleNorth’s #LevelUp program because:

Let us enhance your trainers’ training and facilitation skills.

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