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Overseas Recruitment

We assist you in getting the right overseas talent onboard.

Why is Overseas Recruitment Important?
Why should you collaborate with us?

Why is Overseas Recruitment Important?

Many organizations are keen on overseas recruitment today to widen their talent pool. Sometimes, the local talent pool is limited or inefficient. Getting some overseas employees can improve the company culture and knowledge base significantly.

PeopleNorth has a wide network of overseas workforce wherein we can connect with diverse talented individuals suitable for specific roles. So, whether you are seeking freelance candidates, overseas remote-working individuals or those ready for a location change, we can arrange it all for you.

How do we do it?

PeopleNorth’s Overseas Recruitment

PeopleNorth’s overseas recruitment process is quite detailed and well-structured. Here is how we go about this process of recruitment.

Identification Of Need & Planning

We understand your requirements and summarize our recruitment plan with a clear job description.

Talent Pool Management

We extend the proposition to our existing overseas talent pool and use international job platforms to our advantage.

Candidate Shortlisting

Our behaviour event-based interviews help us identify candidates best suited to our client’s needs and expectations.

Vetting &

We filter candidates through our vetting process, perform background checks, and follow-up with our formal onboarding procedures.

How can we Help you?
How can our collaboration benefit you?

How can we Help you?

We assist organizations in hiring the right overseas candidates required to bring in diversity and wider knowledge-base in the company.

Let us manage your Overseas Recruitment Procedures.

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