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Coach-in-Clinique (CIC)

We assist you in developing and upgrading coaching skills for communication-based programs and enriching your overall coaching effectiveness.

Why Coach-in-Clinique (CIC) is necessary?
Why collaborate with us?

Why Coach-in-Clinique (CIC) is necessary?

Coach-in-Clinique is a workshop offered by PeopleNorth that provides coaches, with all the necessary tools required for conducting experiential and practice-based sessions. While most certifications aim to equip people to be aware and effective in their roles, CIC also creates an opportunity to earn and be financially free immediately after certification. 

How do we do it?

Coach-In-Clinique Workshop Model


Participants are required to submit a high-quality video and a short self-assessment for our evaluation.

Program Design

 A certification program follows next after assessing the existing gaps and expectations. 

Virtual Sessions

Our rigorous ten-hours virtual sessions are thoughtfully divided over 3 weeks or 2 weekends.   

Financial Freedom

After completing CIC, one may choose to become a freelance communication coach with PracUp

Experiential Workshop

What are the Benefits of #Coach-In-Clinique Workshop?

Our expertise can help all the trainers and facilitators who would like to enter the space of communication coaching. Our program helps coaches create another platform of earning for themselves without the hassles of managing sales or administrative work.

How can Organization Design Benefit you?
How can we help you?

How can Organization Design Benefit you?

We assist in conditioning and honing of trainers and facilitators, who are responsible for coaching employees. Our program helps freelance coaches earn financial independence by becoming certified trainers.

Join our pool of coaches and earn through PracUp.

Elevate your skills as a communication coach.