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Contingency Hiring

PeopleNorth is your best recruitment partner when it comes to finding the right candidate for an open position.

Empower your Company with Contingency Recruitment
Why Should you collaborate with us?

Empower your Company with Contingency Recruitment

Our contingency recruitment model helps you drive success through less time and cost associated with selecting the right talent. Those wishing to fill mid-level to higher-management positions are recommended to use contingent recruiting.

How do we do it?

PeopleNorth’s Contingency Hiring Model

At PeopleNorth we work to create a workable design to fit the organisational vision. We co-create an effective framework that reflects the future of the organization.

Huge Talent Pool

PeopleNorth has a large network of talented individuals in diverse verticals seeking job opportunities. 

In-Depth Analysis

Our team does extensive research to understand the client’s industry, products & services, culture and core requirements.

Facilitate Selection

Be it IT roles or Non-IT hires, we ensure seamless coordination and facilitation of interviews with our streamlined process.

Reference Check

We extend comprehensive post-selection Reference Check support on client’s request to ensure complete satisfaction. 

What are the Benefits of Contingency Hiring?
How can you benefit from our expertise?

What are the Benefits of Contingency Hiring?

Our expertise can help you concentrate on the core areas of your business, while you leave the talent acquisition to us. Our accurate hiring can help you with:

Why Choose PeopleNorth?

Why Choose PeopleNorth?

We assist organizations in getting the perfect candidate required for a specific role. We do this by understanding your requirements in-depth and working along with your HR team to get you the right candidates. 

Let us manage your high-priority contingency hiring procedures.

Discover our contingency recruitment model and drive success for your organization.