We assist you in equipping participants with the necessary tools to help them transition from an academic background to the corporate world seamlessly.

Workshop for Leaders and Managers
Why is it necessary?

Workshop for Leaders and Managers

The current employability rate of students is at most 55%, as job seekers expect talent beyond a typical college curriculum. SproutUp is an intervention that guides newly sprouting talents to grasp subject-matter expertise and corporate decorum.

How do we do it?

#SproutUp Workshop Model

Our #SproutUp workshop is divided into various segments wherein we train students and new job-seeking aspirants in a unique hybrid model. #SproutUp intervention entails the following:

Pre-Diagnostics Survey

We conduct a survey to understand the specific needs and expectations of the participants.


Experiental workshop consists of activity-based and reflection-based learning.


Interactive tasks related to each workshop are thoughtfully assigned to strengthen the learning experience. 


The last phase involves feedback sessions, certification, and offering takeaway tools and notes.

What are the Benefits of #SproutUp Workshop?
How can you benefit from our expertise?

What are the Benefits of #SproutUp Workshop?

Our expertise can help students from all streams and specializations get the desired job by performing well in the interview. Our intervention also helps people looking to change, restart their careers, and upskill to learn the prevalent corporate methodologies. This program can help participants:

Why Choose PeopleNorth?

Why Choose PeopleNorth?

We assist individuals in easily transitioning from an academic background or a different profession to a desired corporate profession. We ensure that they can present themselves in a professional and impressive manner to attract suitable jobs.

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