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Managers as Mentors Certification Program

Managers are the driving force behind successful teams and thriving organizations. This is a certification program which is focused on equipping such team leaders and people managers to guide, support and train their teams to be better performers. Groom them to be their successors.

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Why do we need Managers as Mentors Certification Program?

In a recent research, a massive 94% of employees stated they would stay at a company for longer if they were offered opportunities to develop and grow within the company and their careers. Mentorship is a vital component of professional development. It plays a significant role in helping individuals reach their potential, making it essential for both mentors and mentees to grasp the fundamentals. Structured mentorship can:

How we do it?

Core Elements of Managers as Mentors Certification Program


An in-depth understanding of the Mentorship role. An exploration of diverse mentorship frameworks. 


Develop the art of productively engaging mentees. Observe and align with communication styles and personalities, to build meaningful relationships. 


Self exploration, awareness and deep connection with inner self. Every step leading to personal growth roadmap with defined action steps.

Implementing Skills

Step by step support in implementing mentoring skills at the workplace through micro assignment and project.

Managers as Mentors
has you covered.

Pune: 5 & 6 December, 2023

Ahmedabad: 15 & 16 December, 2023

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Phases of
Managers as Mentors Certification Program

The Managers as Mentors Certification program is divided into 7 stages. 

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Step 1

Pre-Program Assessment

Pre-program Assessment

Understanding participants' expectations using a well-structured survey assessment
Step 2

Experiential Workshop

Experiential Workshop

02 Day in-person workshop in the flow of experience - reflection - concept - action
Step 3

Virtual Group Learning

Virtual Group Learning

03 virtual group learning sessions of 4 hours each
Step 4



Participants are offered practice-based sessions on our digital platform PracUp, where our expert coaches help hone their skills
Step 5

Action Learning Project(ALP)

Action Learning Project(ALP)

Applying learning on-the-job, showcasing mentorship and leadership abilities
Step 6



An assessment post the journey for certification
Step 7



Certificate handover, serving as a testament to their mentorship and leadership abilities

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Managers as Mentors Certification Program