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We assist startups in getting the right workforce to scale their operations and businesses.

Why is Startup Recruitment Important?
Why should you collaborate with us?

Why is Startup Recruitment Important?

A comprehensive and thorough hiring process aids in developing a startup’s crucial market identity. Finding the right individuals for specific roles can ascertain the smooth functioning of a new company.

PeopleNorth can be your perfect startup recruitment partner wherein we can provide you with talented individuals required for specific job roles in the required timeframe and salary commitment.

How do we do it?

PeopleNorth’s Startup Recruitment Process

PeopleNorth has worked with several startups and helped them enter a highly competitive market with ease. The first and foremost step to ensuring an easy entry into the market is a good workforce. We help you with your startup recruitment process in the following ways:

Need to

To begin the hiring process, we first identify your specific need to hire by discussing your requirements. 

Source, Screen

We proactively reach out to our extensive network of potential candidates, screen for fitment and shortlist.   

Interviews, Tests and Analysis

After the first screening round, we conduct an interview round and take some tests to further assess the qualifications.

Negotiation &

In the onboarding process, we outline job roles and responsibilities and discuss salary negotiations with the candidate.

How can we Help you?
How can our collaboration benefit you?

How can we Help you?

We assist startups in hiring the right candidates as per their needs. We work as an extension to their HR team to understand what kind of workforce they are seeking.

Let us manage your Startup Recruitment process.

Step into the next phase of success with the right talent.