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We assist you in aligning your personality as a manager, leader or executive by evolving your behavior and style to suit corporate cultures with our various interventions.

Why are Upcoming Programs Necessary?

Why are Upcoming Programs Necessary?

In quickly shifting markets, where windows of opportunity open and close faster than ever, increased focus on organization capability building is critical for success. Hence, our aim is to equip our clients to manage their talents better in order to meet growing challenges. 

How we do it?

PeopleNorth’s Upcoming Programs' Model

Our Upcoming Programs such as #LevelUp, #LeadUp, #SproutUp, #CommUp and #Coach-in-Clinique are designed keeping in mind the various areas where a leader, mid-level manager, higher-level executive or a fresher may want to upgrade or enhance their capabilities.

Joining Open

These are our open programs where the individuals buy their place. We offer customizations as well.


After we have the blueprint of a bespoke program model, we begin the sessions virtually by accommodating application methods and practice.

Seamless Tech

Access to our app PracUp for one-on-one practice on communication skills with our coaches.

Closure &

Participants receive a way-forward guide along with certificates of commendation.

Why Choose PeopleNorth’s Upcoming Programs Workshop?
What change will it bring?

Why Choose PeopleNorth’s Upcoming Programs Workshop?

PeopleNorth’s founders have more than 30 years of cumulative experience in organization capability building, and talent management in diverse sectors – Manufacturing, Services, Banking, Consulting, Pharma, etc. Our approach targets building a robust process supporting the philosophy of purpose driven organization.

Want to Bring a Change in your Workplace?

Want to Bring a Change in your Workplace?

Sign up for PeopleNorth’s varied Upcoming Workshops for your employees, mid-level managers and senior leaders to help them learn through experiences. Opt for one or more of our programs to learn better communication skills, managerial skills, leadership skills, team-building skills and more. 

Level-up your corporate, leadership, communication skills by
learning the latest fundamentals prevalent by our decade-long expertise.

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