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Project Hiring

We assist you in recruiting the right candidates on a turn-key assignment or short-term basis until the need has been fulfilled.

Why is Project Hiring Important?
Why should you collaborate with us?

Why is Project Hiring Important?

Project hiring or short-term hiring is done to get the right talent to complete a specific project. The relationship does not exceed beyond the completion of the project, unless the company wants the individual to continue.

PeopleNorth helps you hire the right people suitable to complete specific projects or tasks for your firm. We understand your requirements and select suitable talent from our wide talent pool, to ensure you have the right workforce at the right time.

How do we do it?

PeopleNorth’s Project Hiring

PeopleNorth shortlists the right candidate for a specific project requirement by following our detailed project hiring procedure.

Identify Your
Project Needs

We first take the time to fully understand the project-in-question and the specific unique requirements.  

Connecting With

Our candidate database is huge and we combine this with our AI-powered search to nab those who are job hunting at that time.


We have a standard for digital assessments and select candidates based on their valuable skillset and mindset for your business.


Lastly, after vetting, we actively engage in facilitating and streamlining onboarding to ensure a smooth transition. 

Why is Project Hiring Important?
How can you benefit from our collaboration?

How can we Help you?

We assist organizations in hiring the right candidates for specific turnkey assignments.

Let us manage your Project Hiring Procedures.

Connect with PeopleNorth to find the niche fit for your project requirements.