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Workshop for Communication Skills

CommUp is a communication-strengthening program developed for people who want to establish a robust and reliable presence within their organization. The program’s experiential components enable one to establish useful communication abilities applicable to typical workplace scenarios.

How do we do it?

#CommUp Workshop Model

Our #CommUp workshop is divided into various segments wherein we train the participants in a unique hybrid model. #CommUp intervention entails the following:

Pre-Program Interaction

This involves one-to-one interaction to understand the specific needs and requirements of the participants.


Four weekly master classes of 2 hours each are held to brush up on communication skills and workplace etiquette.


Tasks after each masterclass are assigned to the participants to further broaden their spectrum and understanding.

Certification Of

The last phase is the certification of commendation. Our certificates solidify your resume and help with social mobility.

What are the Benefits of #CommUp Workshop?

What are the Benefits of #CommUp Workshop?

Our expertise can help your leaders and other participants amp up their communication skills to ensure easy and effective communication, idea-sharing, inspiring, and task-assigning activities. Our powerful workshop can help leaders ensure growth on a personal and professional level.

CommUp has you covered.

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