4 Ways To Improve Your Speaking Fluency In English

February 14, 2023

Mastering Fluency in English Language

Improve Your Speaking Fluency In English

Getting enlightened with the bedrock of a foreign language is undisputedly a challenge. But, mastering and grasping an authentic fluency in a new language is a way more gruelling process. It is, however, feasible to evolve fluency in the English language that is not your native language with befitting training and long hours of practice. English is an extensively spoken language in the world and is obtaining deck with each passing day. It is already considered an official language in around 104 countries. Individuals in every nook and corner of the globe have started registering in English medium schools and online courses.

In today’s contemporary era, it is absolutely crucial to acquire the skills for fluency in English as it is the language of international transmission, media, and the internet. English enhances your opportunities of retrieving a decent job in multinational companies within your native country or, abroad. It is true that learning English can be challenging and tedious but it is equally indispensable considering the rate of globalization! There are no such contrivances that will aid you towards ideal fluency in minutes. But, PracUp has rock-solid propositions that will assist you to learn the steady way behind fluency in a short time span. We are an online coaching platform, to help people practice English communication with a coach. Here is a list of some suggestions that will guide you to enunciate English better than ever. Stay glued!

Tips to help you mastering the Fluency in English

1. Power of Translation:

Get hold of a dictionary or, an online application that proffers translations of words from your native language to English. Translation can succor you in the primitive phases of mastering your vocabulary accession. Encircle the queer words and put an endeavor to assimilate the same into your vocabulary bucket to heighten your articulation. At first, scope out a text in your native language to be translated by you. Thereafter, gradually translate each word from your native language to the English language. Once you become gripped and suited to the mechanism of translation, move on to difficult paragraphs to test your capability. After a few days of toil and hard labor, you will definitely be able to notice your improvement in speaking English fluently.

2. Unimaginable Power of Reading:

Anyone striving to refine their fluency in English should flag off with the art of reading. Amalgamating and playing with the formal and informal style can get you a scheme of both formal and colloquial English. Surfing through English Newspapers will provide you with a pedigree for understanding unfamiliar words and customary sentence composition on a daily basis. Pick up any lying newspaper or, a book and commence your reading session. Beginners should go through the articles repeatedly for grasping the essence, flow, and ornament of the contents leading to mastering the art of English.

3. Keeping a Tab on the English Programs:

English news reports are an ideal method to inaugurate your exposure to English because reporters always pronounce distinctly barring any fancy accent. However, expanding the types of English videos can instruct you to prosper fluidity in idiomatic English. Try and track English cinemas and shows with subtitles because monitoring the words while you apprehend them can revamp your vocabulary pronunciation. When you watch a cinema, or, a show with English subtitles, your brain fabricates a linkage between what is audible and what you read. Subtitles are text and you must read them swiftly to be able to perceive the delivery of the dialogues in the movie. Thus, your brain trains itself to bracket the sounds with written words in a quicker way. In addition, you will also be instituting yourself to new procedures of fabricating sentences, sentence structures and linkages between words.

4. Pronunciation:

Every language has its idiosyncratic slots of sounds. The first step is to distinguish the arduous sounds and enact these with minimal pair lists, tongue twisters, and diverse online platforms. One should also reiterate the sentences of native speakers by primarily concentrating on pronunciation, modulations, and cadence. Thereafter, documenting your own speech and playing it as audio later will grant you the golden opportunity to assess whether your reiteration sounds similar to the original piece.


The above-mentioned list of suggestions will guide you to enunciate the Fluency in English language in a better way than ever. There are loads of content available, both online and offline. A little effort combined with smart work will aid you to advance faster than you ever envisaged! Happy Learning!

By – Oindrilla Chowdhari

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