RPO Recruitment: The Key to Efficient and Effective Hiring

February 14, 2023

RPO Recruitment: The Key to Efficient and Effective Hiring

A guide to RPO recruitment models and picking the apt RPO agency for business needs

For any company, focusing on recruitment is a prime need, regardless of its sector and scale of operations. Unless the right candidates are recruited for various posts in your organization, reaching the business goals and achieving growth targets will be tedious. Traditionally, businesses have adhered to the regular recruitment model but now, different recruitment choices exist. One such option is RPO. Businesses from literally all sectors are opting for RPO recruitment nowadays and the trend is global. Resorting to this recruitment mode fetches them a number of major benefits.

The basics of RPO

Before learning the benefits of RPO, it is important that you know its basics well. It stands for Recruitment process outsourcing, a tried and tested business model where a company appoints a third-party entity for handling its recruitment needs. The external agency is responsible for shortlisting, assessing and sending the apt applicants for various positions in the client company. This can be for either the long or short term.

The major benefits of seeking RPO recruitment services

Definitely, there are reasons behind thousands of businesses seeking RPO services, across the globe. Listed below are the major advantages of seeking the services of RPO agencies.


This is a big reason for so many businesses preferring the RPO model for recruitment needs. When you hire an external RPO recruitment agency, it is possible to save a lot of time. Imagine the time taken for conducting various rounds of interviews, screening, background assessment of applicants etc. These important but time-intensive tasks will be handled by the recruitment agency offering RPO services. You can be assured of getting apt candidates without having to spend time involved in various phases of recruitment.

Money and resource-saving

By outsourcing recruitment to an external agency, businesses are able to save a huge amount of monetary and other resources, in the long run. You need not spend after a dedicated recruitment team in your organization by opting for an agency offering RPO services. Or, you can cut down the cost by opting for a selective RPO model. The cost of hiring an external recruitment entity tends to be less than keeping a fully-fledged recruitment wing in the organization.

Supply of suitable candidates

The money and effort spent in recruiting various candidates for specific posts in your company are worth it only when apt candidates are chosen! When you opt for the RPO recruitment and sign up for the services of a veteran recruitment agency, the prospect of getting the supply of apt candidates is very high. These agencies are particular about selecting and shortlisting suitable candidates for various posts in client companies. They ensure only candidates with proper credentials and matching qualifications are picked.


By seeking the services of an agency offering RPO services, you can avail of their expertise in recruitment. These entities are experts in picking and shortlisting candidates for various designations in their client companies. So, you can count on their expertise for getting all types of candidates for posts in your organization. These agencies can supply a number of applicants for marketing executives as well as HR managers with decade-long experience. They can also supply apt candidates on short notice.

Reduced hassles

By seeking the service of an agency offering RPO recruitment services, you can reduce the hassles that take place after recruitment. These agencies will not send your company candidates without the required experience and qualifications. They are particular about credential verification, too. So, you would not have to cope with the hassles of recruiting inexperienced candidates and then spending resources to train them.

Enhanced growth and productivity

By signing up for the services of an RPO agency, you get a steady supply of suitable candidates for various posts in the company. This benefits your company in the long run. When the recruited candidates prove to be worthy and give their best efforts, overall productivity gets a boost. It becomes easier to achieve business targets eventually.

The various RPO recruitment models

Businesses opting for the services of RPO agencies get the option to pick from several RPO Models. You can choose the aptest model to suit your business needs the best and these agencies also offer extensive customization options for their clients.


Below are the widely used RPO models you can pick from:

End-to-End/ Comprehensive RPO

In this model, everything involved in the recruitment process is handled exclusively by the recruitment agency hired by the client company. This is a long-term model in which the client company relies totally on the hired agency for all its recruitment needs. The recruitment agency handles the following stages in recruitment:

  1. Publishing job ads
  2. Candidate interviews
  3. Shortlisting
  4. Performing background checks
  5. Job history and qualification assessment
  6. Final screening
Project-specific RPO

In the project-RPO approach, the recruitment entity covers everything involved in the recruitment cycle but the duration is shorter than in the end-to-end RPO model. The client company seeks the services of a recruitment agency for recruiting candidates for a specific or upcoming project. The contract remains valid for the project duration. Some businesses also try this model to assess the viability of a specific recruitment agency for future needs.

Businesses that typically opt for the Project -specific RPO method include:

  1. Pharmaceutical entities
  2. Restaurants and fast-food chains expanding into new places
  3. Retail giants expanding into Tier 2 and 3 cities
Selective RPO

In this RPO method, the client company ties up with a recruitment agency to fulfill specific recruitment needs. This is a more flexible RPO model. For example, a company may use this model and hire a recruitment entity to supply candidates only for a specific team or for candidates with special qualifications. You can use it for hiring candidates for the marketing or HR operations in a company while for other candidates the client company may use its own recruitment wing. This RPO recruitment model is useful for both the long and short term.

Contingency RPO

This model is used to find suitable candidates for filling certain posts in a company on short notice. In many organizations, major posts may be vacated by employees owing to unexpected developments. It can be caused by the untimely demise of an employee or owing to an employee leaving the job without serving the notice period for any reason. In such situations, hiring a suitable candidate for such positions becomes a priority and the affected organization seeks contingency RPO services. Some companies use this RPO method when they cope with a sudden surge in customer demand and recruiting many candidates fast becomes a priority.

One notable aspect of the contingency RPO recruitment approach is that it subjects the recruitment agency to significant pressure. The agency has to compete with the direct applicants vying for the post and internal recruitment department of the client company.

Ways to pick the right RPO service provider

The benefits of seeking Recruitment process outsourcing agencies are undeniable. However, you have to sign up for the services of a reliable and professional RPO agency.

Use the following parameters to assess such an agency and determine its feasibility for your company’s RPO recruitment needs.

Reputation and tenure

Before signing up for the services of an RPO agency, check its tenure in this industry. A veteran player is likely to offer you desired outcome.


It is better if you choose an agency that offers specific RPO packages meeting your venture needs. It is even better if the agency has experience catering to clients belonging to your business niche.

Clientele and feedback

You should learn about the client base of a recruitment agency offering RPO services before hiring it for your venture needs. Checking out client feedback online is a must, too.

Service terms

Before you zero in on an RPO recruitment service provider, ensure you check its service terms in detail. It is necessary to evade recruitment service-related hassles later.


A professional Recruitment process outsourcing agency is likely to offer consultation sessions to its clients. This is your opportunity to assess its feasibility and you can find out if its RPO packages are suitable for your organizational recruitment needs or not.

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Summing it up

Resorting to the services of an agency offering RPO can be beneficial to your organizational recruitment needs. This will fetch your company multiple benefits eventually. However, you have to figure out which RPO mode suits the best for your venture and pick an apt agency thereafter.

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