Improved Productivity Resulting in Strong Client Relationship

November 30, 2018

Improved Productivity Resulting in Strong Client Relationship

A large auto ancillary organization redefined their approach and style of communication resulting in improved performance and productivity, hence reduction in gap of timely delivery to clients.

Problem Statement:

  • Lack of flow of information
  • Challenges brought into notice only at the last moment leaving no time for corrective action
  • Resistance in knowledge transfer resulting in increasing dependency on certain people

Learning Intervention:

  • Intervention was designed to uncover the hidden insecurities
  • Program to help people understand the concept and importance of multiple perspectives, and reducing barriers in communication.
  • Tools to navigate through assumptions

Outcome & Impact:

  • Teams initiated cross functional/cross-team meetings for smoother interaction and delivery.
  • Timely addressing of challenges, resulting in reduced rejection from clients.
  • Increased internal knowledge sharing sessions.