Transforming Approach for Higher Process Efficiencies

November 30, 2018

Transforming Approach for Higher Process Efficiencies

A large logistics solution firm transformed their approach to create higher process efficiencies and a more effective and efficient environment. 


  • Inconsistency in client experience and operational challenges due to ineffective processes and high dependency on individuals
  • Fragmentation in teams with duplication of processes and activities, and low clarity on work-in-progress
  • Limited accountability of end-to-end business processes

Our Approach:

  • We mapped the current process through interviews, validated through experts and presented to the people involved.
  • We identified the gaps and breakdowns, ran a root cause analysis with the use of key performance indicators, performance levers, & comparisons to benchmarks
  • Redesigned the processes with a focus on agility, efficiency, and a better customer experience
  • Developed a project plan to implement the changes, educate the employees and track implementation


  • High visibility of ongoing projects resulting in immediate identification & removal of challenges if any
  • The transformation has enhanced the customer experience at all touchpoints
  • The company has created a culture of continuous improvement