#LeadUp: Strengthen and Improve Leadership Skills

July 29, 2021

#LeadUp: Strengthening Leadership Capabilities

Improve Leadership Skills

A major automobile company collaborated with PeopleNorth to build a strong pipeline of leaders & successors to key roles in the organization.

LeadUp was proposed after an extensive discussion with the stakeholders of the organization. LeadUp, a learning intervention, was designed to confront the roadblocks the Talent struggled with within their roles as managers & leaders. Following this, a blended approach of conceptualization & contextualization of solutions were crafted to ensure a seamless transition of the participants.

Our Approach

Observation of Challenges

  • Participants were passionate about their work, but often failed to inspire the team to go beyond defined tasks & roles
  • Managing ambiguity & conflict, especially when it came to quickly changing management expectations as well as decisions viz-a-viz team’s reaction

Limited understanding of delegation, feedback, and coaching, not as concepts but in application

Focus of Intervention

  • Each session engaged the participants in an experiential learning format with focus on introspection & self-discovery, to acknowledge driving and limiting behaviors as leaders
  • Contextualization of concepts such as communication, performance-based feedback, delegation, and conflict management through a range of simulations and activities
  • Case studies, assessments, and on-the-job assignments to gain a deeper understanding of team dynamics in relation to leaders’ action and reaction

Impact and Outcome

  • Leaders crafted their own vision and developed a clear sense of direction, which went beyond deliverables & functional goals
  • A higher engagement & ownership was observed in most of the leaders’ teams, which resulted in increased productivity.
  • Leaders started appreciating their team’s efforts and had better command over-sharing feedback, not just problem statements and disappointments. They saw a shift in the team’s morale & accountability.

Relationships with vendors improved, wherein conflicts were not only resolved but month-long pending issues were brought to a conclusion and timely deliveries were visible